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2021 RYA Adult Courses Coming Soon

Move up to the next level or just get more experience

Wayfarer venturing on to the Orwell

Adult courses for 2021 will be announced in the next few weeks

Neptune Sailing has a range of dinghies available for training purposes. We offer dinghy courses ranging from RYA Level 1 to Level 3.

Level 1 courses take you on to the water in a stable Wayfarer dinghy. With an RYA Instructor on-board, you will soon be helming and crewing the boat. All practical and theory elements are covered at a pace to suit each individual, and help is always at hand. At the end you should be able to sail a dinghy in lighter winds with some confidence and have some understanding of how a dinghy works.

Level 2 courses take you a stage further, aiming to build your confidence as you gain more experience. You will be sailing the dinghy more efficiently, especially going into the wind. You will be able to cope with a capsize, quickly righting the boat with your crew.

Level 3 courses are yet more challenging, but fun too! You will be rigging the dinghy with minimal help, helming with confidence, and dealing with the diificulties of sailing on tidal waters. We expect you will want to try several different dinghies.

RYA Adult Level 1 - 2020 - Special offer

Course Pre-requisites: None

Course fee: £190.00

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AS123 May24 May09.00-16.3016+
AS320 June21 June09.00-16.3016+
AS518 July19 July09.00-16.3016+
AS708 August09 August09.00-16.3016+
AS905 September06 September09.00-16.3016+

RYA Adult Level 2 - 2020

Course Pre-requisites: Level 1

Course fee: £190.00

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AS223 May24 May09.00-16.3016+
AS420 June21 June09.00-16.3016+
AS618 July19 July09.00-16.3016+
AS808 August09 August09.00-16.3016+
AS1005 September06 September09.00-16.3016+

RYA Adult Level 3 - 2020

Course Pre-requisites: Level 2

Course fee: £200.00

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AS5On demandOn demand09.30-16.3016+