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Wednesday group (Improvers) 2022

Ready to begin

Children will need to have some experience of sailing (RYA Stage 2) to join this group, and will need to be at least Year 6 (10 years of age). It is likely that the age range of this group will be 12 years and above, and this may be a consideration if children would prefer to sail with younger sailors.

We will be aiming to consolidate RYA Stage 2 skills in the early sessions. RYA Stage 3 (and possibly Stage 4 in the case of very experienced sailors) will be covered, as appropriate. The Stage awarded will be dependent on the skills gained over the 12 weeks of the sessions. It should be noted that the Stages become more challenging as sailors progress.

The initial sessions are likely to involve Wayfarer dinghies, but the group will progress to Topper dinghies at an early stage. Some members of the group will move on to more challenging RS Feva dinghies for later sessions, dependent on their physical size and skills. These dinghies will be required to progress to Stage 4.


The fee for the 12 sessions will be £160. There will be 12 spaces on each evening. Any children joining at a later stage may be offered a reduced fee, based on the number of sessions remaining.

Personal equipment

Beginners will not need a wetsuit during the initial Wayfarer sessions, though they will be needed for Topper dinghies. This ensures that your wetsuit will not be the cause of transmission of any infection. As children grow very quickly, it is not worth spending a large amount, and local supermarkets and outlets have a selection at sensible prices. Neptune does have a small number of wetsuits, but they are usually quite small.

A good pair of wet shoes or sailing boots (better) need to be provided.

Neptune will issue a buoyancy aid to all sailors and also has a range of waterproofs available.