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Neptune Sailing Wednesday Group

Neptune Sailing's Wednesday Group is our beginners' group, aimed at students who have no, or very limited experience of sailing.
The experience of working on a weekly basis with the same group of students, of a similar age, benefits many beginners. Regular reinforcement of their learning, and steady progression towards more demanding skills assists in developing their ability.
We aim to build students' confidence and begin the season in our very stable Wayfarer dinghies. Students get the chance to helm and crew the boat with an RYA Instructor on-board and quickly feel able to sail with less help. Our Topper fleet is available and students move on to these when we want to extend their experience to single-handed dinghies. In warm summer temperatures capsizing a dinghy soon becomes part of the routine!

What a Good Year!

Our beginners' group always has a fair number of young members, but this year we did include some older ones, keen to move on to the more challenging conditions at Woolverstone. In the event the conditions during the year were really kind to us and we managed to go afloat on every occasion.
Ready to begin
We began the year in Wayfarers, using our team of Assistant Instructor trainees to support the groups. At quite an early stage, we found that we had some very competent sailors , who were more than happy to move on to Topper dinghies, and the seemingly inevitable urge to capsize! Many chose to sail with friends, usually for reassurance, or was it just to have a chat as they sailed along? We managed our usual sail to the Orwell Bridge - we didn't quite make it, but we got very close - as well as going downriver, beyond Pinmill, and the instructor team was very happy to let even our smallest members take Wayfarers on the voyages.
We have had tremendous support from our group of parents this year, who were more than happy to help out with rigging, stay ashore to receive early and late arrivals, assist with pulling dinghies up ramps, or to spoil us with a supply of superb cakes for the end of sessions. Many thanks are due to them all. We were pleased to see three more Assistant Instructors qualify this year after working with the group for the whole season- they know that we are very dependent their help. We look forward to our new group next year, and hope to see this year's group joining the improvers group next season.

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