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Beginner Courses at Neptune Sailing

Let's check the rigging - beginner tuition

Our increasingly popular 5 day (20 hour) courses are open to all young people during the school holidays.

Neptune Sailing has many years experience of providing RYA Youth Scheme courses. The River Orwell is a challenging environment and safety is the priority for all groups.

Photograph courtesy of Anthony Cullen

Our Beginner courses start the week in larger Wayfarer dinghies, working with an instructor in each dinghy. As the week progresses, and students' confidence builds, students are encouraged to try our single-handed craft.
We normally find time during the week to cruise up the river to see the sights and often end the week with some fun racing.
By the end of the week students should be able to launch and helm a dinghy with some confidence, tacking and gybing in reasonable winds. They will understand what to do in a capsize. They should know the names of parts of a dinghy and will be able to tie some useful knots.

The course aims to cover RYA Stages 1 and 2. Students with limited experience of tides will benefit from this course, enabling them to build experience on the river. Stage 1 or 2 awards are made at the end of the week dependent on each individual's progress.

RYA Stage 1 & Stage 2 - 2018

Course Pre-requisites: Stage 1 - None Stage 2 - Stage 1

Cost: £140.00

JS109 July13 July09.30-13.3010+
JS316 July20 July12.30-16.3010+
JS523 July27 July09.30-13.3010+
JS730 July03 August12.30-16.3010+
JS906 August10 August09.30-13.3010+
JS1113 August17 August12.30-16.3010+
JS1320 August24 August09.30-13.3010+
JS1527 August31 August12.30-16.3010+

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