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Neptune Sailing runs a large number of RYA Powerboat training courses each year. We offer a combined Level 1 and 2 course, as well as the Safety Boat course. You need previous experience only for the Safety Boat course.

We have a number of different power craft available for training use and are upgrading our fleet again this year. We aim to provide experience of driving fast RIBs- within the river speed limits, of course- tiller-steer craft and an inboard diesel launch.

The Level 1/2 course begins by focussing on basic skills, such as driving forward and in reverse, picking up moorings and coming alongside craft and pontoons. We move on to deal with high-speed work, picking up a man-overboard dummy and turning in confined spaces.

All of the theory background is covered in our classroom, as well as while on the water. The Level 2 certificate is awarded at the end of the course subject to satisfactory progress.

The Safety Boat course builds on your skills from Level 2, enabling you to deal with a range of situations. You'll soon be helping to right a capsized dinghy or towing a range of craft among other aspects.

RYA Level 1 & 2 - 2018

Course Pre-requisites: None

Cost: £200.00

PB128 April29 April09.30-16.3015+
PB226 May27 May09.30-16.3015+
PB323 June24 June09.30-16.3015+
PB421 July22 July09.30-16.3015+
PB525 August26 August09.30-16.3015+
PB615 September16 September09.30-16.3015+
PB706 October07 October09.30-16.3015+

RYA Safety Boat - 2018

Course Pre-requisites: Level 2

Cost: £200.00

SB1To be confirmedTo be confirmed09.30-16.3015+
SB2To be confirmedTo be confirmed09.30-16.3015+

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